Recent Work

The Gambia

Kilimanjaro Bound
(Director, Camera, Editor, Script: Todd Clark, 2006-Currently in Production)

A documentary program that follows the story of fifteen African-American residents of the metropolitan Washington, DC area who for the past five years, have organized and conducted local, regional and national hikes, expeditions and treks as they attempt their most daunting physical and mental challenge- the ascent of Africa’s tallest mountain- Mt. Kilimanjaro. The program follows their training and preparation and will then record the actual ascent and follow each of the climbers as they strategize, individually and together, on how to reach their goals and encounter and surmount unexpected challenges, hardships and deeper realizations of who they are as climbers, mentors, and role models: for themselves, their family, and the larger community. 


Agents of Grace: A Day Of Service
(Director, Camera, Editor, Script: Todd Clark, 2006-Currently in Production)

A documentary program that tells the uplifting story of, Agents of Grace- Day of Service an inter-denominational community healing project taking place in Fresno, California. This powerful and inspirational program follows four volunteers from a church parish in Rhode Island who participate in an annual day of service along with  thousands of local Fresno residents who spend a day of service at dozens of schools, homeless shelters, gang prevention offices, and a variety of social service and relief agencies, located within the inner-city neighborhoods and migrant farming communities of Fresno, California.


Pro-Active Monitoring and Management of the Chronic Heart Failure Patient
(Director, Camera: Todd Clark, 2004-2006)

A series of high-end, physician-based peer-panel presentations that investigate and analyze state-of-the-art treatment approaches, patient diagnostics, and mortality findings currently being practiced for the chronic heart failure patient population.  Three-camera on-site presentations have been coordinated by ONANON Productions in Toronto (2004) Orlando (2005) Chicago (2006) Los Angeles (2006).  Over 5000 completed high-end video programs have been produced, packaged and distributed as CD-ROM packets.

Heart Failure Outcomes

Anacostia River

Anacostia- Restoring the People’s River
(Director, Camera, Editor, Script: Todd Clark, 2003-2005)

In partnership withThe Anacostia Watershed Society, a leading environmental and community action organization in the National Capitol area, this video tells the story of the rediscovery of a forgotten, deeply abused urban stream that runs through the heart of Washington, DC. The video premiered at the National Building Museum where excerpts ran as a part of the 6-month installation on the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative.

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