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BIPAC-Prosperity Project

Friends of Adam Smith Awards
Business Industry Political Action Committee
Producer, Camera, Editor: Todd Clark, 2004, 2005, 2006

Each year, The Business Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) recognizes two nominees: a Federal elected official and a business leader from across the country, for their outstanding contributions to the principles of free enterprise. Over 1000 invited guests attend the annual Gala Event in the Ronald Reagan Building. The center piece of the evening’s festivities is the showing of video tributes for and about the two nominees. Past nominees and those interviewed for the tribute videos, include, Roger Staubuch; U.S. Secretary of Energy Sam Bodman;  Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison; Sen. John Kyl, John Luke, CEO, MeadWestVaco, William Aldinger, CEO, Household Int.      

A Tribute to Jerry Jasinowski
National Association of Manufacturer’s
Producer, Camera, Writer, Editor: Todd Clark, 2005

A Tribute to honor Jerry Jasinowski, outgoing President of the National Association of Manufacturers- the nation’s largest and oldest industrial trade association. Interviews include, U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush (41); Stan Gault, President, Former CEO Goodyear; Dick Dauch, CEO, American Axle and Manufacturing; Rep. Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader; and Rep. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House.

Producer, Camera, Editor, Writer: Todd Clark, 2005, 2006

A promotional video for H-PAC, the political action committee for HSBC-  Household and Household International, one of the top 10 financial   services companies in the United States, with assets totaling $300 billion, serving more than 60 million customers with 3,000 employees.   The video includes green screen FX, and interviews with CEO, Bobby Mehta, and Congressman Joe Crowley. 

Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative- CEELI
American Bar Association:
(Producer, Camera Writer, Executive Editor, 2001,2003)

A Promotional Program that introduces and defines current efforts of the Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative program to bring democratic change to former Soviet Block and Balkan countries. Includes interviews with Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, CEELI volunteers and Eastern European ambassadors, judges, supreme court justices, prosecutors, and lawyers conducted in Tirana, Albania and throughout Uzbekistan.

HOPE VI: A Promise Realized
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
(Producer, Writer, Technical Director, Executive Editor, 2000)

A Promotional video that presents an historical overview and the current accomplishments of the national $3.5b HOPE VI program. Includes interviews with public housing association tenants, developers, architects and University experts and footage of revitalized public housing. Premiered by Secretary Andrew Cuomo-2000 HOPE VI national conference.

Rebuilding America's Communities
Youthbuild, Inc.
(Producer, Writer, Director, Executive Editor. 2000)

A Promotional video presenting the accomplishments and history of Youthbuild, a vocational training program that provides home construction and GED training for at-risk inner city youth nationwide. Produced for showings at national and local conferences & workshops.

Supreme Court of Albania

Anacostia River Shoot

Bridging the Digital Divide: CIS/CISCO/HUD
Communities in Schools, Inc. U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
(Producer, Writer, Director, Executive Editor, 2000)

A Promotional video highlighting the CIS/CISCO/HUD digital network training initiative in national empowerment zone sites. Debuted at Riverside Church, NY- National HUD Conference on Bridging the Digital Divide.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act- Comply But Compete (60:00)
Miller and Chevalier, Chartered, Washington, D.C. (2000)
(Producer, Technical Director, Executive Editor)
A comprehensive two-part promotional and training series that presents the correct application, prohibitions and guidelines of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices ActDesigned and distributed for use by companies doing business globally.

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