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Kennebunkport, ME
Pro-Active Monitoring and Management of the Chronic Heart Failure Patient
(Director, Editor, Camera: 2004-2006)

Four (4) part series of high-end, physician-based peer-panel presentations that investigate and analyze state-of-the-art treatment approaches, patient diagnostics, and mortality findings currently being practiced for the chronic heart failure patient population.  Four (4) three-camera on-site presentations were coordinated by ONANON Productions in Toronto (2004) Orlando (2005) Chicago (2006) Los Angeles (2006).  Over 5000 completed high-end video programs were produced, packaged and distributed as CD-ROM packets to physician audiences.

Westchester County Health Department, New York
(Executive Director, Project Manager, Producer: 2001-2002)

Developed and facilitated original 12-month professional television commercial workshop program in conjunction with the Westchester County Department of Health and the Office of The Westchester County Executive and nine Westchester County high schools. Responsible for all phases of project including, project development and weekly management, curriculum research & writing of teaching manual. Responsible for overall workshop direction, production, and completion. Directed and edited nine (9) :60 second anti-cigarette, smoking prevention television commercials, broadcast on MTV. Researched, designed and wrote12-week, 200 page lesson-based teaching manual, including learning objectives, lesson plans, and support materials, including video. Created web site and managed content update and ongoing maintenance

The First Step is the Best Step: A Guide to Using Medication for Treating HIV/AIDS
ONANON Productions, Washington, D.C.
(Executive Director, Editor, Writer)

An Educational Program primarily targeting African American audiences, presenting the importance of adherence issues associated with using protease inhibitors, including topics such as: Diet, Denial, Hope, Disclosure, Support.
Video features a live roundtable discussion with an African-American Primary Care Physician and four African American people living with HIV/AIDS. 300 complimentary copies were distributed to East Coast health clinics, physicians offices and private practices and it has been used by the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education- a health education organization targeting HBCU- Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

El Major Paso, es El Primer Paso: A Spanish Language Guide to Using Medication for Treating HIV/AIDS (26:00)
ONANON Productions, Washington, D.C.
(Editor, Writer, Director)

An Educational Program primarily targeting Spanish-speaking audiences, Presenting the importance of adherence issues associated with using protease inhibitors, including topics such as: Diet, Denial, Hope, Disclosure, Support. Video features a live roundtable discussion with a Spanish-speaking primary care physician and four Latino people living with HIV/AIDS.


Ryan White HIV/AIDS Home Care Training Video Series
Westchester County Health Department, New York (1996)
Texaco, Inc.  
(Primary Consultant, Executive Editor, Technical Director)

Served as Executive Director of 4our-part, 120 minute Training Program Series (35 min./each program). The Comprehensive series covered medical, financial, and spiritual issues associated with providing home care to people living with HIV/AIDS. Completed program was distributed throughout tri-county New York area as both a closed and Open-Captioned program.

 Teaching AIDS: Delivering Messages of Care and Concern
 Westchester County Health Department, New York (1996)
 (Project Director, Camera, Editor, Script Writer)

A comprehensive educational video about HIV/AIDS that is appropriate for all ages audiences. The program presents broad range of resources and how-to teaching examples, and includes a discussion of the issues and challenges associated with teaching AIDS in multi-grade level public school environments.

Facing the Last Wall (25:00)
ONANON Productions, Washington, D.C. (1990)
(Director, Writer, Executive Editor, Technical Director)

An original HIV/AIDS educational video program that presented the sociological and psychological  issues and strategies appropriate for non-African American Health Care Providers to successfully reach gay/bisexual African American men living with HIV/AIDS.


First Step Video
Keely's Gym

Outreach Works  (17:00)
Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Wa. D.C. (1990)
 (Writer, Technical Director, Executive Editor, Camera)

An Educational Documentary Program that was commissioned by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) and which was developed from original footage shot at the 1990 National Technical Assistance and Training meeting workshops and interviews in Dallas, Texas.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention/MACRO
Multiple Projects- Washington, D.C. (1990-1992)

a)Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug (ATOD) Prevention (90:00)
(Primary Consultant, Director,  Scriptwriter,  Narrator)

Researched and wrote narrative script for Audio Cassette Series for National Nurse ATOD Training consisting of a two-part series dealing with the issues, strategies and methods for providing effective Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug outreach and prevention.
b) Building Learning Communities (18:00)
(Primary Consultant, Scriptwriter, Director, Narrator, Executive Off-line Editor)

A  Promotional Video program outlining the 'Learning  Community" style of training outreach.  Completed program is used nationally in Nurse ATOD Prevention Training Workshops

c) Strategies for Change-Prevention in Public Housing Communities  (15:00)
(Director, Camera, Scriptwriter, Off-line Editor, Executive On-Line Editor)

A training Video focusing on substance abuse prevention for public housing communities. Footage was shot live at national conference in Chicago.

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